The Big Day - November 4th, 2011

Playa Miraflores - This is where we'll be married
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Playa Miraflores Restaurant, 1:00pm - 6:00pm
What is a wedding in Spain without views of the sea?! After looking at many places, we've finally decided to exchange our marriage vows at Playa Miraflores Restaurant. Located on the Mijas Coast, we will enjoy drinks, appetizers, a formal dinner, dancing and laughs. The reception will last until approximately 6:00pm....then let the party begin.

And the party continues at La Feria de Fuengirola

La Caseta de Fuengirola, 6:30pm - The Wee Hours
After the reception at Playa Miraflores, we will be providing transportation to La Caseta de Fuengirola. Here we will be joined by many of José and Jenni's friends. There will be food and drinks to last us throughout the night, until you can't take anymore. Transportation will be available back to your hotel throughout the evening.

The almighty Spanish bull