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Since it's not everyday that family and friends can be together in another country, we would like to take you to some of our favorite places. We've decided to postpone a honeymoon and opt for renting a van or two to drive you to popular destinations after the wedding. We're going to plan around schedules and try to see as many places as possible. You're more than welcome to join and/or do your own thing too. Feel free to email us with any questions about travel. Below you can read more about where we're thinking of going as well as see some of our favorite pictures we've taken at these destinations.


A shot of the beautiful beach in Fuengirola
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José hails from one of the most beautiful places on earth, Fuengirola, Spain. This enchanting Andalusian town lies directly on the sea. Once a small fishing town, the mid sixties brought urbanization and tourism to this quaint village. Today it has a population of approximately 72,000 and is a very popular tourist destination for Spaniards and Northern Europeans alike.


Mijas, Spain
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Funded by the Tartessians more than a thousand years ago, this little town placed on the mountain displays the typical southern Spainish architecture, with lots of white houses and brick roofs. Since the 60's, tourism took over so you will notice, it's not hard to see the streets filled with Japanese and British tourists enjoying the amazing views the town has of the coast. Another popular attraction here are the famous donkey rides around the center.


La Alhambra palace in Granada
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Both of José's parents have their roots in Granada, Spain. Located about an hour north of Fuengirola, Granada is well known for a few things, the University, its generous servings of tapas at any local bar and the breathtaking 'La Alhambra'. La Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex constructed during the mid 14th century by the Moorish rulers of the Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus. It really is quite an amazing sight to see and we're so excited to take you to see these beautiful fountains and open air sanctuaries.


Plaza de España en Sevila
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Sevilla is the capital of Andalucía, the southernmost province of Spain. On the road to Sevilla from Fuengirola, we will drive past the Strait of Gibraltar and you will be able to see the infamous "Rock" as well as Africa across the sea. Sevilla is one of the few cities in Spain that was able to maintain its cathedrals and monuments completely intact during the Civil War of the thirties. As you will see, its beauty is astounding.



Remains of Paleolithical stones have been found in Marbella, demonstrating how old this settlement is. It actually gets its name, however, from the Moorish government and their word for castle which is Marbil-la. But Marbella really became famous after petro-dollars came into the city in the seventies and the construction of Puerto Banus harbour was completed, which since has been filled with expensive yachts and millionaires. All of these things have made Marbella a target for jet-setters from all around the world. Famous residents are Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, Sean Connery, Dolph Lundgren and Joan Collins, well known for her role in Dinasty.


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Malaka fans of the Malaga soccer team are not called like this by coincidence. The city was named Malaka by Phoenicians during its funding in 770 BC. That makes it one of the oldest cities in the world. The buildings you find here today however, come from after 1936. Unfortunately for admirers of architecture, the Spanish Civil war burnt almost all of the city down to flames and bricks. One remnant of the past is the old Cathedral, called "La manquita", because one of its towers never was finished. (A little side fact about why the Cathedral was never finished is because the funding for this was sent overseas to the Thirteen Colonies... thanks for the info Enrique). Nowadays, you can walk around the old center, enjoy the nice temperatures, the hustle and bustle of "malagueños" and their way of exaggerating everything they talk about, always for the fun and joy of living, which is the real motto of this city.

The almighty Spanish bull