Getting To Spain

La Alhambra, Granada

Hmmmm... There's really only one way to get to Spain (poor Mary Christopher) and yes, that's jumping on a plane and flying. The nearest airport to Fuengirola is in Málaga. The airport code for here is AGP. Since Spain is six (from EST) to seven (from CST) hours ahead, we would recommend flying no later than Wednesday, November 2nd. You will most likely have jet lag, but hopefully we can all get enough rest on the plane. A good airline to look for tickets to Spain is Iberia Airlines. If you need help searching for a ticket, please let us know and we can help you find the best flight for your schedule. We will also be arranging travel from the airport to the hotels, so please contact Jenni in order to make plans ahead of time and to make sure we have your flight schedule.

Depending on where your first arrival into the European Union is, we have a few tidbits of information. On the plane, you will have to fill out a customs form and you should write down the address where you will be staying in Spain on a paper and keep this with you so you have it readily available. The customs form should be pretty easy to fill out and if you have questions, you can ask a passenger sitting next to you or the flight attendants. As soon as you arrive into the European Union, you must go through customs. More than likely, this will be a connecting flight in Madrid, London, Barcelona or Paris. Once you do this, you don't need to do it again once you arrive in Málaga since you will already be in the EU. So you will only be getting your passport stamped once when you arrive into the EU and once when you leave.

A few words of advice when it comes to flying to Spain. Don't forget that airline specifications have changed in recent years. Most airlines now only allow you to have one checked bag as well as one carry on and one personal item which all must have a certain weight. Typically larger bottles of liquid should be put in the checked luggage. The maximum capacity of liquid you can take with you on a carry on is 3.4 ounces and these must all fit into one quart size Zip-lock bag (according to the TSA website). Here are some links to different airlines specifications in regards to luggage:

Fuengirola Hotel Info

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We are arranging for discounted rates at Hotel Confortel, which is a four star hotel located directly on the beach with beautiful views of the sea. During our excursions, we will be staying at a couple of other hotels in different cities depending upon where our travels take us (depending on the amount of time everyone can stay).

Spain Weather In November

The Costa Del Sol of Spain enjoys relatively mild winters. The average temperatures for Fuengirola in November range from a low of 50°F to a high of 64°F. Since it will be early November, hopefully the temperatures will stay in the mid sixties. Typically jeans can be worn during the day or evening. It can be warm enough to sport a t-shirt during the day and more comfortably sweaters or a light jacket for the evening.

What To Pack

Here is our best attempt to accumulate a list of things to bring. Please feel free to email us if there is something you feel would be good to add to this list. Don't forget to leave room in your luggage to bring home some of the great things Spain has to offer like excellent wine, olive oil and cheese. It has been stated that the best olive oil in the world comes from the south of Spain.

  • European/American outlet converter
  • Euros - The official currency of Spain - Check with your credit card beforehand to see if they charge foreign conversion fees. If they don't, we would recommend charging most things on your card and bringing a smaller amount of cash to keep on hand for smaller purchases such as a morning coffee or a snack during the day.
  • American dollars for use in airports/restaurants/etc. in the United States
  • Medication you're taking (while general over the counter medicines are available, please plan ahead for any prescribed medications)
  • Any kind of sleeping pill for the plane, dramamine or whatever you like best
  • Calling cards - International phone charges from a cell phone are outrageous so we would recommend either connecting your phone (that is if it's a smartphone) to one of the many wifi areas of Spain and making calls back home via Skype or using a traditional calling card
  • The address where you will be staying in Spain (the hotel address) written on a piece of paper or saved on your phone. You will put this on the customs form on the plane.
  • Car and house keys in a safe place in your luggage where you'll remember where you put them when you return (eehem... This has never happened to Jenni.... NOT!)
  • A dress or suit for the wedding
  • A pocket size Spanish dictionary (you will have us with you most of the time for translation, but in case you want to bring this then feel free)
  • Comfortable shoes (if you plan to do any walking around)
  • Glasses and/or contacts and contact solution
  • Cameras & extra memory cards if needed
  • Batteries for camera
  • An mp3 or music player and headphones for the plane if you like to listen to music on the flight
  • Jeans, shorts possibly, t-shirts & sweatshirts
  • A light jacket
  • Socks, shoes, underwear, bras, etc.
  • Sunglasses
  • Shampoo, conditioner, hair products or accessories
  • Makeup, chapstick, etc.
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Zip-lock bags for the plane and/or toiletries
  • Possibly an umbrella
  • A light scarf
  • Gum or snacks for the plane

Food In Spain

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The diet in Spain is typically healthier than the American diet. The strange thing is that this doesn't mean taste is sacrificed... at ALL! Spanish food is very healthy and everything is cooked with olive oil instead of butter or margarine. Being located directly on the sea has its benefits. Spaniards typically relish in meals with shrimp, octopus, mussels and many other seafood delicacies. The national dish of Spain is called paella and consists of varying ingredients such as rice, vegetables, meat (chicken, duck or seafood), beans, saffron and olive oil. If you've never tried paella, no need to worry, there will be a cooking station of this typical dish at the wedding reception that you can view being cooked and also enjoy when it's done.

Other very tasty foods Spain has to offer are dozens of varieties of cheeses, breads, cured hams, sausages, wines, chocolates, teas and so much more. The thing you won't have to worry about is going hungry!

The almighty Spanish bull